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Accessing the Charles W. Nelson Library

September 27, 2019

Most of the people reading this know that the Heritage Center has a library. It’s classified as a private, special or reference library. By definition, a special library is often limited to a few topics or subjects. It’s no surprise

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Kevin & Valerie work on inventory

Illuminating Masonic History

August 17, 2018

While museums may seem like fixed collections of artifacts, a lot goes on behind the scenes that patrons never see. At the Colonel James B. Ladd Museum and Charles Nelson Library, one ongoing task is making a thorough inventory of

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New Grant Addresses Museum Inventorying Needs

January 29, 2018

Because museums both display and collect items, the task of keeping track of inventory can be an ongoing challenge. When it comes to inventorying the extensive merged collections of artifacts assembled for the Col. James B. Ladd Museum and Charles W.

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Preservation and the Role of Interns

December 5, 2017

Cataloguing and preservation are two common tasks integral to museum life. As new items are collected or donated, museums make records of the items and provide for their safe storage or display. This fall, an intern from the University of

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The White House Stone with a Mason’s Mark

August 31, 2017

During President Harry S. Truman’s administration, the White House underwent an extensive renovation. The picture above, from the Harry S. Truman Library, shows the south façade on May 10, 1950. Fortunately, while touring part of the demolition site one day, President

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Preserving the Past

March 29, 2017

In addition to showcasing Masonic history, the Col. James B. Ladd Museum and Charles W. Nelson Library is a place where staff work to preserve important relics from the past. As our curator, Theresa Norman, phrases it, “Museums and historical

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The Muscle in Making a Museum

June 8, 2016

A key component of the Heritage Center is the Colonel James B. Ladd Masonic Museum. The Museum, one of few in the country that presents the legacy of Freemasonry, houses thousands of rare and significant artifacts to showcase the history

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